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Airmax Classic - various sizes

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Category: Snoring Therapy


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Airmax Classic Nasal Dilatorá

  • Improves the nose breathing during sports
  • Reduces snoring
  • Use of nasal drops can be adjusted
  • Restful sleep due to better oxygen supply
  • 3 months usable
  • Efficacy through clinical trials

Inserted ináthe nose, the Airmax expands the narrowest area ofá the nasal inlet by spreading the nasal wings. The improved airflow during inhalation and exhalation optimizes nasal breathing.

Airmax letsáyou breathe more easily with a blocked nose (for exampleáwitháallergies, cold, pregnancy, air travel, deformity of the nasal septum or nasal constriction). Youáwill also use less nasal drops or you can even completely stop using them.

Airmax makes nasal breathing easier during sleep. Vibrations of the soft tissue and associated snoring noises are reduced.

Airmax is made of soft, odorless and medically tested silicone (S.E.B.S), which guarantees comfortable wearing. Normally sizeásmall is more suitable for women and medium for men.

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