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Infimedix disinfectant dispenser with wall mounting - including fillable 500 ml bottle

Hand disinfectant dispenser with arm lever

  • For hand disinfectants
  • Refillable
  • 500 ml capacity
  • With drip tray
  • Item no.: 20203862
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Disinfectant dispenser

 Hand disinfectant is available in...

Hand disinfectant is available in liquid form or as gel and is used to reduce germs and kill microorganisms as part of hygiene measures. The easiest way to make the hand disinfectant available is in disinfectant dispensers that hang or stand in hospitals, nursing homes, doctor's offices and also in public facilities.

A hand disinfectant is used for both surgical hand disinfection and hygienic hand disinfection. The aim is to avoid infections and the transmission of germs and diseases. This is an important hygiene measure, especially in practices and hospitals, in order to prevent the transmission of germs from doctor to patient or from one patient to another.

Use of disinfectant dispenser

First, some disinfectant is put into the hand from the disinfectant dispenser. Then the palms and fingers are moistened with the liquid and massaged into the hands until the disinfectant has dried.





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