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Pulox IN-100 Inhalator Vernebler Nebulizer

The IN-100 inhaler is ideal for the targeted treatment of respiratory diseases. High safety hit due to automatic switch-off. Low power consumption.
  • Item no.: 20193701
24,90 € *
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pulox IN-100 Nebulizer adult mask and child mask

For use with pulox IN-100 Nebulizer

  • Good fit
  • Disinfectable
  • 1x adult mask
  • 1x child mask
  • Item no.: 20193789
6,90 € *
Available now!

pulox IN-100 Nebulizer Mouthpiece

Spare part
  • Item no.: 20203921
2,99 € *
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 When inhaling, tiny droplets and...

When inhaling, tiny droplets and atomized aerosol particles are inhaled. These get deep into the airways and moisten the mucous membranes. By adding salt or expectorant or bronchodilator agents, a decongestant or expectorant effect can be achieved.

Electric inhalers nebulize water or a saline solution very finely, so that when inhaling through the mask, the fine aerosols also reach the lower respiratory tract. This makes inhaling even more effective. Inhaling with a nebulizer is particularly popular with respiratory diseases, for example inhaling helps with a cough or runny nose. By adding an isotonic saline solution, the bronchi and mucous membranes are moistened and tough mucus can be loosened more easily.

When to inhale?

Nebulizers are used particularly frequently for acute respiratory diseases. For example, you can inhale a runny nose, hoarseness, cough and bronchitis. Inhaling with an electric inhalation device has also proven itself in the case of bronchial asthma and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). If you have any questions about inhalation, ask your doctor or pharmacist. They can best advise you on what to inhale with, i.e. water, saline solution, medication, etc. and what can be used to achieve the best possible effect.




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