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Pulox Neodymium Magnet XXL Powermagnet

Item number: 20173369

Sehr hohe Zugkraft zum Heben von metallischen Objekten und Gegenständen

  • Sehr starke magnetische Kraft
  • Hohe Genauigkeit
  • Material: Neodym NdFeB
  • Typ: Discmagnet

Category: Neodym magnets


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Pulox Neodymium Magnet XXL Powermagnet
With the PULOX Neodymium Magnet you can pick up objects from the water, other liquids or the ground. The PULOX power magnet adheres to everything that has a certain proportion of untreated iron or nickel. For example, you can find a bunch of keys that fell into the water. Or you can search for other valuable objects that are often found on the bottom of waters.

WARNING: Large magnets have a very strong pull force! Fingers or skin can be squeezed in case of careless handling. Wear thick protective gloves when handling.
WARNING: Magnets can affect the function of pacemakers and implanted defibrillators! Keep sufficient distance to magnets.
WARNING: Neodymium magnets are brittle. If two magnets collide, they can shatter.
CAUTION: Magnets generate a far-reaching, strong magnetic field. You can damage televisions and laptops, computer harddisks, credit cards and EC cards, data carriers, mechanical watches, hearing aids and speakers, among other things. Keep magnets away from these devices and objects.

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