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SomnoGuard SP Soft Snoring Guard

Item number: 20152498

Zur Behandlung des Schnarchens und der leichten bis mittleren Schlafapnoe

  • Verstellbare, zweiteilige boil & bite Unterkieferprotrusionsschiene
  • Unkomplizierte Anpassung innerhalb weniger Minuten
  • Hoher Tragekomfort
  • Vorschub des Unterkiefers von -3 bis ca. 10 mm

Category: Snoring splints

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SomnoGuard SP Soft and Hard Snoring Guard 
  • To treat snoring and mild to moderate sleep apnea
  • Uncomplicated adjustment within minutes
  • Advancement of the lower jaw from -3 to approx. 10 mm
  • No use of metallic components

SomnoGuard SP is a step-adjustable, two-part boil & bite mandibular protrusion guard for the treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. The soft variant consists of a soft, the hard variant of a relatively hard thermoelastic impression material. While SomnoGuard SP Soft is characterized by a high wearing comfort, SomnoGuard SP Hard offers a very stable tooth adhesion. SomnoGuard SP is recommended for patients with a small to medium jaw, a lower jaw, or a deep bite.

In the boil & bite process, the shells are heated in a water bath. By biting the teeth, the still warm plastic body forms according to the individual tooth and jaw formation. The lower jaw can be displaced forward by approx. +10 mm by means of two protrusion holders which laterally connect the upper and lower jaw shells.

By wearing the snoring bar, snoring and breathing can be reduced or eliminated. The splint provides an advancement of the lower jaw and tongue and thus the opening of the airways. This reduces or prevents the vibration and fluttering of the soft tissue (gum ball and suppository) and thus the typical snoring noise.

In order to achieve an optimal therapeutic result, it is recommended to have SomnoGuard SP adjusted by a doctor (for example an ENT physician, a doctor in a sleep laboratory, a dentist) or his specialist staff.

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