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Pulox PS-100 3D Sensor Pedometer in Green


Schrittzähler mit Beschleunigungssensor

  • Motivation für zusätzliche Bewegung
  • Direktes Erfolgserlebnis durch Anzeige der Schritte
  • Extra große Ziffern
  • Bis 99.999 Schritte
  • Item no.: 20173333
14,90 € *
1999 ordered, expected on 31.05.2021

Airmax Sport - various sizes

Nasendilatator zur Verbesserung der Nasenatmung beim Sport

  • Höhere Sauerstoffversorgung
  • Sportliche Leistungsverbesserung
  • Angenehmes Tragegefühl
  • Sicherer Sitz
  • Item no.: 20152506
  • Variations in: Size
12,90 € *
Available now!


 Sport and exercise in the fresh air...

Sport and exercise in the fresh air are of great importance for wellbeing and health. Good and free breathing is in sports as important as the control of performance and success.
Our sports products support you during your sport sessions - the Airmax Sport Nasendilators and the Pulox 3D Sensor Pedometer.

The nasal dilators improve nasal breathing and thus reduce the alternation between nose and mouth breathing.
The 3D Pedometer informs you about the number of steps and the calorie consumption during your training and in your everyday life.
With the Rebotec Cross Shaper, you are part of a whole new kind of outdoor sport and train the whole body.




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