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Disposable Incontinence Pad with Super Absorbent Powder (SAP) in Pulp in Various Sizes

Item number: 20132130

Can be used as a patient bed, incontinence pad or changing mat

Category: Incontinence Draw Sheets

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Disposable Medical Incontinence Pad, Changing Mat, Cellulose Nursing Pad

Incontinence is a very great burden for the affected persons, especially during sleep. Through incontinence pads, the bed linen and the mattress remain dry, which allows you to sleep peacefully and restfully.

In addition, the incontinence pad absorbs unpleasant odors. By adding Super Absorbent Powder (SAP) in the pulp, liquids are sucked up very quickly and stored permanently. PE plastic coating prevents liquids from leaking out. The documents can also be used as a general protection for mattresses, as a wrapping underlay and as a support for animals.

Product description:

  • Incontinence pad
  • Very high absorbency and storage capacity due to Super Absorbent Powder (SAP) in pulp
  • High moisture absorption
  • Slip resistant
  • PE plastic coating
  • Areas of application: Clinic, hospital, care and home



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