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SmartCRUTCH in various colors

  • Item no.: 20131929
  • Variations in: Color
74,90 € *
Available now!

REBOTEC MAGIC-SOFT Crutch Made in Germany

  • Item no.: REBO-MS-V
  • Variations in: Color
12,50 € *
Available now!

REBOTEC MAGIC-SOFT Crutches Made in Germany (1 pair)

  • Item no.: REBO-MS-PAAR-V
  • Variations in: Color
17,90 € *
Available now!

REBOTEC SAFE-IN Crutches for Children Made in Germany (1 Pair)

  • Item no.: REBO-FKS-PAAR-V
  • Variations in: Color
23,90 € *
Short supply

REBOTEC FUN-KIDS Crutch for Children Made in Germany (1 pair)

  • Item no.: REBO-FK-PAAR-V
  • Variations in: Color
22,90 € *
Not available now!
12,50 € *
Available now!

Walking Aids

Practical walking aids, crutches and walkers to increase mobility, relieve the joints and assist in walking. offers a wide selection of varoius walking aids and crutches, including crutches and canes from Rebotec or the modern and adjustable SmartCrutches. 

Walking aids are orthopedic appliances that make walking easier and prevent the ill or broken foot from being placed on the floor with full weight. Walking aids are used when the leg or foot is ill or broken, when somebody has had a surgery and has to wear a plaster or when walking in old age is exhausting.

Crutches by REBOTEC - the crutches of REBOTEC make you...

Walking Frames

REBOTEC Walking Frames - the lightweight...

Walking Canes

Walking canes, handsticks and walking sticks from Rebotec...


Walking aids from SmartCRUTCH are specially developed forearm...




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