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HOSPITAK 120-E VENTURI-Set Aerosol Mask for Adults

Item number: 120-E

With ribbed hose and 6 dilution nozzles

Category: Respiratory Equipment

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HOSPITAK 120-E Venturi Oxygen Mask
* venturi mask kit for adults oxygen tubing
  • Manufacturer: UNOMEDICAL
  • Oxygen breathing mask for adults
  • With squeeze-free connection hose
  • Incl. 6 valves for concentrations
  • For 24%, 28%, 31%, 35%, 40% and 50%
  • Aerosol mask with connecting hose
  • Length: 2,1m / 7 feet
  • Latex free
  • With rubber band and nose clip
  • Color: transparent / clear
  • Ref no.: 120E
  • Non-sterile packaging

Product description::

Venturi - aerosol mask for adults with ribbed hose. The venturimaske provides a predetermined concentration of oxygen, independent of the patient's respiratory pattern. Venturimasks produce an air and oxygen mixture in a constant ratio. These masks are also called HAFOE Masks (High Air Flow 02 Enrichment). They have a Venturi connection and operate according to the Bernoulli principle to provide the patient with a predetermined fixed oxygen concentration by providing a higher gas flow than the peak inspiratory flow rate. Exhaled gas is exhausted through the exhalation holes of the mask, which means that the rebreathing is minimal and only a slight increase in the dead space is observed. Depending on the diluter / valve selected, the oxygen concentration delivered is 24-50%. The transparent mask material allows the control of the lip color and the airways.

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