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Pulse Oximeter PULOX PO-400

  • Item no.: CMS-50F
124,10 € *
Available now!

Pulse Oximeter PULOX PO-500

  • Item no.: CMS-50I
139,00 € *
Not available now!

With wristband

PULOX Pulse Oximeter with wristband to measure pulse rate and oxygen saturation.

A pulse oximeter with wristband is ideal for wearing it around the wrist. The oxygen saturation and the pulse are measured with an external sensor which is connected to the device.

Pulse oximeter with wristband are even suitable for measuring the oxygen saturation during the night. The external finger sensor is tightly and securely attached to the finger to avoid the sensor from slipping off when you move in your sleep. This enables the measurement during sleep without measuring errors.


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