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CityGrips Double Bar Handle Cover for Strollers

  • Item no.: 20131653V
  • Variations in: Pattern
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Pregnancy, baby and infant products that will make you and your baby happy. With the foetal dopplers AngelSounds and Sonotrax you can listen to your baby's heartbeat.

We also have the popular CityGrips in our product range which keep the stroller handels from getting dirty or worn. They even make your stroller an optical highlight.

And if you are not pregnant yet but hope to have a baby soon, we also have pragnancy tests. Available in sets of 10 and 20 tests.


Many parents know the problem that the stroller handles get...

Foetal Doppler

ANGELSOUNDS Foetal Doppler, CONTEC SONOTRAX B Ultrasound Foetal...

Pregnancy Tests

CORTEZ Pregnancy Tests Our pregnancy tests have been carefully...




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