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pulox PO-210B Children Pulse Oximeter


Pulse Oximeter for Children

  • Fast measurement results in seconds
  • Alarm function and pulse tone
  • Child-friendly, colorful design
  • Small and handy
  • Design: duck


  • Item no.: 20183581
34,90 € *
Available now!

pulox PO-220B Pulse Oximeter for Kids

Pulse Oximeter for children from approx. 3 years

  • Quick overview of oxygen saturation
  • Child-friendly, colorful design
  • Small and handy
  • Design: Penguin
  • Color selectable


  • Item no.: 20193702-V
  • Variations in: Farbe
32,90 € *
Not available now!

pulox PO-230 Pulse Oximeter for Children with Sticker

Pulse oximeter for children from approx. 2 years

  • Fast measurement of oxygen saturation
  • Child-friendly, colorful design with stickers
  • Display with pulse bar and pulse wave
  • Small and handy
  • Individual animal design (adhesive sticker)
  • Item no.: 20213938
32,90 € *
Available now!

Pulox PO-650B Baby Pulse Oximeter with External Neonatal Probe Infant


Handheld pulse oximeter with soft finger sensor for babies and toddlers

  • Large, easy to read display
  • Measurement result within a few seconds
  • Alarm function with adjustable alarm limits
  • Recording function
  • Alarm and pulse tone
  • Item no.: 20173434
163,90 € *
Available now!

Models for Kids

 Especially for children we offer...

Especially for children we offer smaller pulse oximeters which are perfect for children's fingers.
Because of the smaller width and a shorter finger bed, less ambient light gets in and inaccuracies in the measurement are prevented. The pulse oximeter's measuring sensor is optimally positioned over the child's fingernail. The display shows the results within a few seconds.

Child-friendly designs and cheerful colours make the pulse oximeters very popular.




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